Banded Inductors

It is critical is that a well-designed induction coil is used with the technology to ensure that the best operating efficiency is achieved and the HF welder runs within the correct design parameters. This has resulted in significant changes to Inductor design in order to ensure efficient and reliable operation with effective load matching.

Today we offer a wide range of banded inductors for all types of HF welders including all major well-known brands. Banded inductors are also used for larger tube diameters on Thermionic (valve) type welders. Also available are split inductors to enable rapid replacement without cutting the pipe in production.

The most common design is our ‘Universal’ banded inductor which uses parallel turns to facilitate the same coil being used on both right to left and left to right tube mills. This reduces the need to carry different inductors for each mill. Universal banded coils are offered from as small as 25mm ID and are available with 1,2 or 3 turns.

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