OD Scarfing Inserts

This product information document offers information on insert selection as

well as product/part identification.

Inserts are offered in 3 sizes: 15mm, 19mm & 25mm

Tube/Pipe diameter Recommended Insert size
10mm – 76mm 15mm inserts
50mm – 150mm 19mm inserts
>150mm 25mm inserts

It should be noted that sometimes it might be necessary to use larger inserts than shown above, normally this would be in the case of higher welding speeds or high tensile steels/stainless. If you are in doubt, please contact us.

Type of Insert Selection

Our insert range allows various different solutions for external tube scarfing. We offer inserts in industry-standard sizes of 15mm, 19mm and 25mm with both a positive and negative cutting edge. The new ‘chip-breaker’ type offers improved chip ‘management’, particularly where bead winders are not used. Finally, we have Super Positive inserts for special materials that suffer more ‘pick-up’, like stainless steel and galvanised.

The above information outlines the most common inserts we offer, if you have a special requirement such as scarfing at high mill speeds (>150 m/min), or special materials, we advise that you contact us to discuss the most suitable inserts for your application.

Please note that the inserts require a carbide mounting plate, this plate can be curved or flat depending on the insert selected, a full chart detailing all tool holder parts and selection of insert plates can be obtained by contacting us.


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