Ceramic Welding Rolls

Tube Industry Applications
Applications within the tube industry call for
materials with both good wear resistance and
good surface properties, so that the quality
of the manufactured product is not
compromised by contact with the tooling.
Thanks to their hardness and surface quality,
Technox® 500 and Silicon Nitride ceramics
achieve the highest ratings in tool life and
tube quality when applied to tube processing.
Both Silicon Nitride and Technox® 500
ceramics play a key role in trouble-free and
cost-efficient production in the following
tube processes:

Tube Welding
Technox® 500 and Silicon Nitride welding rolls
are unaffected by the magnetic fields
generated during the high frequency induction
welding process used in the longitudinal
seam welding of tubes. The use of Silicon
Nitride weld rolls significantly reduces wear,
minimises downtime, resulting in improved
productivity. In forming technology, Silicon
Nitride materials are established or under
evaluation for many application areas.
Bending and Expanding Aluminised
Steel Tubes
Bending and expanding tools made from,
Technox® 500, are highly resistant to fracture
and have a good resistance to cold welding.
The extended tool life helps to reduce
set-up and maintenance costs during the
shaping process.

Expanding Copper Tubes
Using Technox® 500 mandrels for expanding
tubes significantly improves tool life and can
lead to a reduction (or even the elimination)
of lubricants and enhanced efficiency of the
forming process.

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